Pin Up Aviator bg
Provider Spribe
Number of lines 1
Number of drums 1
Wild symbol Available
Multiplier Up to 250000
Free spins Available
Bet per line 1/25
Volatility High

Basics of functionality and capabilities - how to play Aviator?

need to make a deposit. The minimum amount is only 500 rupees. This can be done with the help of payment systems and services that support online casinos with a small commission.

System Overview Enrollment time The Commission
Paymt works promptly in India, transactions with wallets in rupees are carried out 1-2 hours 0.8%
Skrill online payments are made in any currency, the withdrawal of winnings is displayed without commission within 12 hours 1.3%
MasterCard/Visa payments in rupees are made from credit cards of any banks during the day depending on the conditions of the bank
WebMoney the system provides wallets in rupees, as well as bitcoins 1-2 hours 1.2%

The functionality of the slot machine is simple. After launch, a screen opens showing the take-off plane. There are no special characters, like other functions. The player can only place a bet by starting the movement of the plane, and then stop it at the most suitable point of flight. The main animation remains in the center of the game space and is supported by sound. The game interface consists of several panels and fields:

  • the main playing field in the form of a radar with an airplane,
  • panels where you can place 1 or 2 bets,
  • history of multipliers,
  • a list of bets placed with multipliers received and amounts won,
  • built-in online chat for users!

The slot machine has advantages, differing significantly from other options for earning and entertainment at Pin Up online casino. This is a new version presented in the first version of 2019, in the second - 2021. The possibility of getting a big win attracts more and more players.

  • live chat with other users, the ability to communicate and share strategies,
  • high coefficients,
  • affordable minimalist interface and unusual gameplay version,
  • minimum consumption of resources during the game,
  • the possibility of a demo game to develop an algorithm of actions without financial investments!

The presented demo version involves a free game. It is available to registered users for the test. The online casino also provides freebets for new players.

Aviator Spribe - Rules of the game

The rules of the game are simple. The player needs to place one or two bets and then cash out before the plane starts taking off. It is marked in red and moves within an impromptu radar. It is important to monitor the multiplier that is calculated on the screen, as it will be applied to the bet. The flight altitude corresponds to the coefficient.

The game features two unique features:

  • Autocashout. The user sets the coefficient, after which the bet is automatically closed. As soon as the plane reaches the desired value, the machine independently calculates the amount of winnings!
  • Cashout. This option provides for the player's ability to complete the round independently by clicking on the "Cash" button at the right time.

If the user does not have time to catch the coefficient before the plane falls or flies off the screen, the bet automatically burns and the round is considered lost. This is the main difficulty: it is almost impossible to predict when the game will end.

Game Aviator - algorithm

The game Aviator is presented in a demo version, which can be used to train and develop a strategy without financial losses. The developers assure that third-party interference in the formation of the results of the game is impossible thanks to the use of Provably Fair technology. Thus, the data does not get to the server, guaranteeing transparency and security. The results of the game round are formed depending on the first three users who made bets and the operator. All amounts of winnings and losses can be seen on the game page.

There are several ready-made algorithms shared by experienced users. They differ in complexity and features of mechanics, helping to get different amounts of winnings for a certain number of rounds.

  • The most difficult strategy. First you need to estimate the history of coefficients and find out the time of the last coefficient x100. After an hour, you need to make 2 bets. The essence is simple - the strategy is based on mathematical expectation. It is clear from the calculations that x100 can fall out about once an hour.
  • The user needs to wait for the x1-1.8 series to appear. It should hold on 10 times in a row. Next, it is worth making 2 equal bets. They need to be closed within x5-15. To use this tactic, there should already be about 100 bets in the bankroll.
  • The next strategy is ideal for new players. You need to place bets within x1-1-1.4. This minimizes financial losses and helps to quickly make money on small amounts.
  • Mathematical tactics. The bet amount should not exceed 1% of the total game balance. You need to press the button when the multiplier reaches x1.5. If the bet did not play, the lost amount should be included in the next one. If the user leaves minus 3 times in a row, it is better to interrupt for 10 minutes and then continue the game again.

Any strategy is not a guarantee of success and big gain. The use of tactics helps to increase the probability of winning or increase the amount. Along with the application of the strategy, we should not forget about self-control.

FAQ Aviator Pin Up

How long does the tour last in Aviator Spribe?

The Pin Up aviator starts rounds automatically, one round lasts from a few seconds to a minute, some - a little more. During this time, the multiplier can be typed in the amount of hundreds by which the bet amount is multiplied. This allows you to get six-digit amounts of winnings. There is a break of 5 seconds between the tours. This system allows you not to lose investment by skipping flights.

What is the minimum and maximum bet in the game Aviator?

The minimum bet in the game is 30 rupees, the maximum is 40,000 rupees.

The lowest coefficient in Aviator?

The minimum automatic coefficient is 1.0. This is the lowest multiplier possible. Growth is very rapid, so you need to learn how to stop in time.